Activity and Services

Metachem S.p.A carries out activity of trading mostly by commercialization of methanol, urea and polyethylene.
In addition in Italy Metachem S.p.A offers, upon request, an integrated service in:

    - Reception and storage
    - Customs operations
    - Land transport

Reception and storage

In Genoa we have storage capacity of 13.600 mc for flammable and non-flammable liquids. In fact, we have rented at Superba chemical terminal tanks of various capacities in connection to Genoa’s Porto Petroli in order to offer the possibility to satisfy the demands for transit of chemical and petrochemical products.

In the Porto Marghera we have storage possibility at the Decal chemical terminal.

A Trieste we can use Alder tanks supplying contractual customers or eventually for deliveries to Austria and Slovenia.

Customs operations

In the ports of Genoa, Livorno, Marghera and Ravenna we have a possibility to perform customs practices and to issue forwarding documents.

Land transport

Upon request of the customers we can directly deliver the products to the storage or the final plant thanks to our multiannual collaboration with the great Italian road haulage companies.

Metachem S.p.A.
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